Kore Insurance Rebranding

Client: Kore Insurance

Date: 2017

Role: Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Print Collateral

Summary: Kore is an independent insurance provider from the New York metropolitan area looking for a fresh exciting way to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Challenge: When deciding to rebrand, they had the goal in mind of being perceived as a luxury brand. This was a welcome difference from the common corporate branding of insurance companies and left a lot of freedom to create something truly unique.

Solution: What I created was clean and modern, inspired by many high-end fashion brands. The logo went through a number of iterations until I came up with something sleek and timeless using the K as an icon and custom typography. The color scheme is strictly desaturated, adding to the high contrast. Photography is inspired by city business life

Results: A website that is clean easy to navigate was developed. Print collateral was also created using quality materials that represented their luxury services.
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