Understanding HE Branding

Client: Salix Pharmaceuticals 

Date: 2021

Role: Branding, Guidelines, Web Design, Collateral

Summary: Understanding HE was developed to bring awareness to Hepatic Encephalopathy, a complication of cirrhosis and a severe form of chronic liver disease. Tasked with branding, Salix wanted something unique for this campaign, not directly connected to their corporate branding.  

Challenge: While Salix branding is very clean and corporate, I wanted to create something a little more personal for UHE. I didnt want the branding to feel too sterile. It needed to have movement.

Solution: Developing their website and branding, I used elements inspired by the gestural drawn logo. Using the gestural line as an element, as well as a framing device, makes the branding feel human and breaks up the grid. The photography is patient forward and optimistic, while the typography is a serif for headlines paired with a san serif for body copy. 

Results: Upon completion of the website, digital resources such as fact sheets and social media were developed, further expanding the branding.
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