Latitude Building Wayfinding Experience

Client: Vision Real Estate Partner

Date: 2019

Role:  Wayfinding, Storyboarding, UI design, Large Format Print Design

Summary: The Latitude building in Parsippany, NJ was a new multi-level office building being built by Vision Real Estate. Looking to build a unique experience for employees and visitors, I was tasked with creating wayfinding, digital displays, and large wall graphics, to create an exciting environment.

Challenge: The theme that the client wanted was locations throughout the United States and how could we make visitors feel like they had been transported there. At the time of this project, the building wasn't completely built. Working with the client, we had to create the experience with set dimensions of the space, where things would be located, and the content that would be used. 

Solution: Using subtle elements from historic cities throughout the United States as inspiration, graphics were created to transport visitors and make them feel immersed in the environment. Using aerial footage of locations gave video walls depth while also giving facts about those chosen destinations.

Results: The entire building implemented our design system. Large wall graphics were installed throughout different areas. Large video walls used for information such as weather, time, and events were developed for the lobby. Interactive wayfinding was also developed to guide tenants and visitors.
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